ASUS STRIX Wireless Gaming Headset Review

ASUS is one of the biggest names in the PC hardware market, with a steady stream of award-winning motherboards, graphics cards and much more being released every year. Their peripherals are still relatively new territory for them, but they’ve certainly been gaining in popularity, and their latest headset, the ROG STRIX Wireless, may be one of their best yet.

Equipped with 2.4GHz wireless technology, 10+ hours battery life, multi-format support, and powerful drivers that can deliver virtual 7.1 surround sound, the STRIX Wireless is ticking all the right boxes for a well-rounded headset for gaming and multimedia use.

  • Low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Dual-antenna design for better and more stable audio transmission
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Full audio control with Sonic Studio
  • Wide compatibility with gaming consoles, PCs, Mac, and mobile devices
  • 10+ hour battery life for marathon gaming without interruption

“ROG Strix Wireless is a gaming headset with 2.4GHz wireless technology that provides a lower-latency connection than Bluetooth headsets for instant audio transmission. With ROG Strix Wireless, every in-game sound reaches your ears instantly — even from up to 15 meters away from your PC — ensuring you are never behind on the action. 2.4GHz technology even consumes less power, so you can enjoy more than 10 hours1 of use between charges. ROG Strix Wireless features a dual-antenna design with an automatic interference avoidance mechanism to ensure a stable connection, even in complicated Wi-Fi environments.” – ASUS

Check out this quick product trailer from ASUS, then we’ll move on and take a closer look at what the STRIX Wireless has to offer.

The STRIX Wireless comes in a clear plastic box, which isn’t the best packaging in terms of keeping the product safe, but it’s ideal for giving you a great look at the overall design.


Around the back, there’s a huge amount of information on the features of the headset, such as the “lifelike 7.1 surround sound,” Sonic Studio software, and multi platform compatibility.


In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get you started, with the headset (obviously), charging cable, audio cables Y-split cable, detachable microphone and all the usual documentation.


The boom microphone has a rubber midsection, which isn’t bendable into a position, but it does mean the microphone won’t snap should you snag it while in use.


If you’re wanting to use the headset in wireless mode, there’s also a small USB dongle, which is as simple as plug and play when using this on PC. There is downloadable software too, which you’ll want if you’re eager to take full advantage of EQ profiles and other tweaks the headset has to offer.


A Closer Look

The STRIX Wireless headset certainly has a striking appearance, similar to that of the STRIX 2.0 Headset, with the menacing orange eyes on the drivers. This is a wireless headset, however, so some big changes have been made, cutting the cables off being an obvious one. There’s now also a control panel on the side of the ear cup, allowing you to change the volume, pair the headset, and turn it on/off as required.


The headset is quite large, but it is nowhere near as heavy as it looks. It’s incredibly durable too, with two strong bands forming an outer headband, which keeps the headsets driver locked snug around your ears.


There’s an auto-adjusting inner headband, which comes with a thick padding and beautiful stitching details on the edges that colour matches the orange highlights of the headset.


On the underside, four thick padded sections which give it added comfort, while also allowing a little airflow around each pad, which should stop you from getting a dreadful sweat band.


The drivers are huge, clocking in at 60mm, and even they’re dwarfed by the huge ear cups with offer up a massive surface area of soft leather padding, ensuring the weight of the headset distributes very nicely around your ear. This headset may look tough to wear, but it fits over your head and around your ears with quite nicely. It did feel a little tight at first, but I do have quite a large head and it did ease up after a few hours usage.


Another nice feature is that the ear cups can be folded inwards, this helps provide a closer fit while wearing them, but you can fold them completely flat, which makes the headset easier to store.


On the base of the ear cup, you’ll find  jack for the microphone, USB charging port, and a 3.5mm line-in, which is perfect for using the included cables, as you can use the headset in a wired mode, or hook it up to music players, mobile devices or consoles.