How a legendary PC mod inspired the most outrageous computer desk ever created review

A monstrous marvel of the arcane art of intense case modification, the L3p D3sk job transformed a small computer desk into a hulking, glowing, water-cooled PC, built to scoff at benchmark tests and also to play the toughest games without even blinking an eye, while also serving as a handy-dandy spot to hold your sticky notes and Coke. The L3p D3sk gobbled up awards. The L3p D3sk was glorious.
This Guide Isn’t about the L3p D3sk. This article is about the commercial merchandise inspired by the L3p D3sk’s overclocked
From theory into commercial
Here’s what about the L3p D3sk: To all its creativity and usefulness, there was just one. The exact same can be stated for any case-modification project. But computer lover Thomas Nunn wants to attract killer, modding-inspired computer cases to the masses.
“The start of Red Harbinger was the mindset that there is this lively [modding] community that produces these awesome-looking computer examples and layouts, but that’s it,” says Nunn, the CEO of Red Harbinger. “There are not any computers on the market such as… It’s sort of like when the conceptual designers in Toyota or Ford put out a car with an auto show and everyone drools over it, and they release a Camry.”
He proceeds:”Imagine if there was a dealership which only offered the concept cars that everybody drooled over? That is what I wanted Red Harbinger to be, but also for computers”

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And what better place to start than with a commercial version of the utilitarian yet utterly awesome L3p D3sk? “I needed to send him a small money and say,’Look, I’m not a scam artist,”’ says Nunn. And like this, Red Harbinger was first born.
Other enthusiastic PC buffs joined the business, coming from all corners of the globe to transform their fantasy into reality.
“We wanted to make sure Red Harbinger’s goods are built by PC builders,” says Nunn. “Someone who does so as an intense hobby or for a living, and that is why it was essential to attract people on who weren’t only engineers but had a deep-seated interest and love for performing awesome specialty computers new.”
Creating a fantasy
After releasing the initial images, Red Harbinger found that many facets of the Cross Desk needed tweaking. That tweaking took the better part of two years before the company could put the Cross Desk up for preorder.
“It’s things such as the thighs,” states Shawn Rabensburg, Red Harbinger’s VP. “You would not think legs would be something you’d have to think about on a desk. But the legs took two months of design.”

The group members’ widespread geographical locations led to the delay, as did issues they encountered in locating manufacturing partners keen to produce the small-batch amounts required for such a market product. Red Harbinger eventually sorted out the production woes, though as Rabensburg says,”Cross Desk prototypes are extremely expensive.”
Together with the creation lumps behind it, Red Harbinger is now ready to discharge its turbocharged Ferrari of furniture.
The last Cross Twist configuration includes numerous thoughtful touches, such as a leg rest that doubles as a racing-pedal legendary PC mount plus a headset-stand accessory to lessen cord clutter. Drive bays, growth fan holes, and native water-cooling compatibility abound.
False bottoms and a covered rear part hide any unsightly elements. Even those troublesome legs game empty interiors and rubberized grommets for simple cable concealment. “That is a real big thing,” says Nunn. “We conceal the wireswe hide the equipment –or you’ll be able to exhibit your stuff under the glass. It’s Your Choice.”