Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones Review


I love blasting out music and movies from my home cinema, but when it comes to late at night, I doubt my sleeping kids or my next door Regarding are all that thrilled about how loud I want it. I could use my favorite headphones while watching a movie, but since they are wired, I always found that to be impractical, especially since I sit further away from the amp than the cable is long. That’s where the Hammer TV from Noontec come into play. They’re a set of dedicated wireless TV headphones, allowing you to kick back and relax without bothering anyone else in the house, or even the house next door.

  • Accurate, clear and similar home theatre sound effects with this wireless Bluetooth TV headphone.(NOT RF Headphone)
  • Low-latency wireless transmission technology ensures the perfect synchronisation of the television/TV picture and the premium award-winning sound of the headphones.
  • 50 hours ultra long battery life; Up to 10 meters wireless transmission distance; Lightweight, Adjustable, Soft over ear muffs, Super comfortable for long hours wearing.
  • Allows you to privately enjoy any TV program without disturbing others. It includes a docking station, high definition wireless Bluetooth headphones, power adapter, charging cable and audio cables.
  • The digital wireless technology which provides resistance to RF interference and very little perceived static.

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With up to 50 hours battery life and high-quality Bluetooth connectivity. A dedicated dock that can be pair hooked up to your home amplifier, TV, console, or whatever you need. A built-in headphone stand, and the promise of the high-end sound quality. We’ve come to expect quality from Noontec, and the Hammo TV do sound quite good on paper, but let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer!

“Hammo TV includes high-fidelity wireless headphones for accurate and clear sound effects. These headphones are specially designed to achieve a sonic experience similar to a home theatre, and heighten the experience of watching movies, TV, music videos and sports.” – Noontec

Packaging and Accessories

The box is nice and compact, with a sleek image of the headset mounted on the dock/stand on the front.

Around the back, a few simple images showing how the Hammo TV is connected to your home entertainment devices; it is nothing complicated, but handy to know before you purchase.

There’s quite a lot of stuff in the box, with a protective bag (with the headset inside), the base/dock, mains USB adaptor, all the usual documentation, and a bundle of cables.

The cables are all of a nice quality, and include all the audio and charging cables you’ll require.

A Closer Look

The docking station comes in two parts, this weight base, and the metal top section that forms the headset stand. There’s a simple power button on the front, nice and easy to use.

Around the back, MicroUSB in for the power, and a DC 5V USB out, for charging the headset.

On the base, some rubber grips to stop it sliding around and prevent it scratching your furniture.

The headphone stand mounts quickly enough; just push it down into the base.

The Noontec Hammo TV features a folding design, allowing you to tuck it away in a protective bag, and making it very travel-friendly. In fact, if you’ve seen a set of Bluetooth headphones from Noontec before, these likely look very familiar.

The design of these headphones is excellent, as are all Noontec headphones. Down the side, you’ll find a little pivot mount for each ear cup, allowing a little wiggle room to each, so they provide a better fit. Within easy reach, you’ll also find a small power button, as well as volume controls on the right earcup.

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Under the ear cup, there’s a small jack for charging the headset using the included cable. However, it serves a dual purpose, allowing you to run the headset in wired mode. This means you can hook it up to your MP3 player, phone, even a console controller.

A slide adjustment headband allows you to ensure a comfortable fit.

The soft memory foam padding provides a comfortable fit over your head. The headset is already lightweight, but this padding does a great job of distributing the weight evenly, so you don’t feel encumbered.

Along the top, a lovely black finish with a subtle Noontec logo on the headband.

The ear cup padding is plentiful, and the slightly larger ear cup design (vs. most Noontec headphones) means that it provides a comfortable around the ear fit.