ENERMAX Intros STEREOTWIN STEREOSGL Wireless Stereo Speakers

ENERMAX launched a new wireless stereo speaker in two version the STEREOSGL which is a single-pack and the STEREOTWIN which is a twin-pack of speakers. The new system is equipped with a CSR V4.0 chipset for true wireless stereo sound quality and the stereo speaker is also using DreamBass technology for impactful bass sound.

The STEREOSGL and STEREOTWIN wireless stereo speakers come in four different colour choices: Blue, Red, White, and Black. You can pair them as you wish, so you could get various single-packs to mix colours or you can get a twin-pack for two matching. They all feature a premium aluminium appearance that’s pretty stylish.

While a single speaker (STEREOSGL) is said to generate a powerful sound on its own, pairing two should increase that. The speakers connect via Bluetooth technology with an operational range of up to 75 feet/ 20 meters. The units can deliver left and right channels and allow users to enjoy the freedom of maximum mobility.

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The system features two 4-watt drivers and two passive radiators for the sound and comes with both micro USB and AUX connectors. On the bottom of the speaker, you’ll find the controls for power and control. The system also supports hands-free talking through the Bluetooth connection for conferencing or maybe just for the convenience.


The built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery should provide you with 8 hours of music joy and it takes about 2 hours to recharge it. They weigh 320 grammes which isn’t too bad at all. As for the availability, that has been announced for the beginning of April, so they should become available globally shortly.