BUFFALO MediaStation 6x Portable BDXL Blu-Ray Writer with M-DISC Support (BRXL-PT6U2VB)

There’s a lot to like about this external Blu-ray burner with a maximum Blu-ray write speed of 6x for both single and dual-layer discs, with 4x speeds for triple and quad-layer. This is something you should definitely keep in mind if you know you’ll be burning a lot of discs, as your workflow could suffer while you wait for writing to complete. It only uses a USB 2.0 connection, but considering the rather slow speeds it offers as you probably won’t find an issue with that. There are two integrated USB cables on this model, which makes it very easy to pack up and take with you, without ever having to worry about forgetting cables. Only one USB 2.0 connection is necessary for it to run, but you can use the second one as a power boost option to improve performance. Buffalo also offers a two-year warranty with this model, while most other options on the market have only one-year warranties to protect your investment.Rating: 4/5