In terms of raw performance, this model is quite comparable to similar burners on the market. It has write speeds of up to 6x on single and dual-layer Blu-ray, up to 8x on DVD, and up to 24x on CD. This pick also has 4MB of buffer memory which is nice and USB 3.0 connectivity. USB 3.0 support would be a lot more impressive if it had faster write speeds, but at 6x you’d probably get about the same level of performance from a USB 2.0 connection. While a lot of other models on the market use trays that slide in and out to load or remove discs, letting you use them in either horizontal or vertical orientations, this one does not. This burner also comes with a hinged top that opens allowing you to manually place discs inside the drive; that feature alone is worth considering if you know you’ll need to use your drive in a vertical position (since this one cannot be used that way) but you don’t have to worry about the risk of a tray breaking down over time.Rating: 4.25/5