Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blue-Ray Writer (BDR-XU03)

There is a lot to like about this model, though it sacrifices performance for portability, so keep that in mind. The maximum burn speed with this is only 6x on a single or dual-layer Blu-ray, though it can burn at 4x on a triple or four-layer disc. When burning to a DVD, it only goes up to 8x and 24x on a CD. All of these burn speeds are pretty low, especially compared to something like the LG BE14NU40. However, this model has 4MB of buffer memory so it can match any other external Blu-ray burner when it comes to preventing errors or data corruption due to low memory. Pioneer designed this model to have a very slim shape and size, with a slot-loading function that lets you easily transport it and set it up just about anywhere. The USB 3.0 support helps ensure you don’t get any bottlenecking from an older connection and it’s a great choice if you need a portable option and do not plan on burning on media that is faster than 6x.Rating: 4.5/5