Overall, this is a very solid drive that offers good speeds and a terrific amount of memory for buffering data as you read or write a disc. While this may not be the absolute fastest model out there, it’scertainly a very good one. It has write speeds for Blu-ray of up to 12x for single-layer and 8x for dual-layer, with burn speeds for DVD up to 16x, and up to 48x on CD. If this model had 16x Blu-ray burning, it would probably be the best one out there, but it just can’t match the speed of some other burners on the market.

This drive has read speeds of up to 8x for Blu-ray, 16x for DVD, and 48x for CD, which are quite good. However, what really makes this a great drive, is that it has 8MB of buffer memory which is double the amount in pretty much any other model you’re going to find. That much memory really helps prevent errors as you burn data to a disc as well as ensuring smooth playback. The BD-ROM access time on this burner is rather high at 250ms. This model includes the same great software as the ones from Pioneer and LG, but if you want the fastest speeds possible then this one just falls a bit short.Rating: 4.5/5