LG BH16NS40 Super Multi Blue Internal Blu-ray Disc Rewriter

As you’re comparing this model to the Pioneer BDR-2209, you should keep in mind that the differences between them are very minor. In terms of overall design, they are both very similar and excellent Blu-ray burners. This one would be the equal of any other Blu-ray burner on the market, if not for slightly lower multilayer burning speeds. It supports write speeds of up to 16x for single-layer Blu-rays, but only up to 8x for dual-layer, and 6x for triple-layer. While that’s a fairly minor distinction, it’s worth noting and ultimately can make a difference if you plan on burning a lot of multilayer Blu-rays.

For older media, it writes at up to 16x for DVD, and up to 48x for burning CDs. When reading from discs, this model can go up to 12x from a Blu-ray disc, up to 16x from a DVD, and up to 48x from a CD. This burner has 4MB of buffer memory, which is very good and BD-ROM access time of 180ms while the included programs are great for watching movies, making and burning your own movies, or backing up your data onto a Blu-ray disc.Rating: 4.75/5