In terms of read/write speeds, this DVD burner is just about as good as any other model out there, capable of burning DVDs up to 24x but only has a maximum speed of 8x for dual-layer DVDs. That means it will burn slower than a drive that can burn dual-layer discs at 12x, which other models on the market can do. However, it can read DVDs at 16x and both read and write CDs at 48x. The buffer memory on this one is only 0.75MB, which is definitely less than it could be but still higher than some other models. While it still works just fine for burning discs, this difference could lead to issues with data corruption when burning a DVD. You get DVD-ROM access time of 200ms with this drive, which is decent but definitely about as slow as you should accept. The Nero software included with this model is excellent so if you don’t have any burning software of your own, this is a great option that doesn’t require the use of any other programs.Rating: 4.75/5