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4-Way Power Supply Shootout: Vantec, Enermax, ThermalTake, Antec

Introduction Incredibly, the power supplies on modern PC’s have been fairly slow to develop new technology.  Often, diehard gamers will replace a motherboard, processor, ram, maybe even hard drive several times within the course of a year.  On the other hard, other essential items such as the case and power supply become afterthoughts or items […]

Case and Cooling Spring 2004: Upcoming Products

Over the last few months, Purav and I have been keeping an eye on new technology across the case and cooling industry. In the next few pages we will show off some of the newer cases, power supplies and heatsinks that have peaked our particular attention. Zalman TNN-500A Click to enlarge We first saw the […]

Cooler Master Centurion 5: Simplicity Meets Functionality

Introduction Quick Look Cooler Master Centurion 5 The Good + Front panel audio/USB/FireWire + Included 350W Cooler Master Power Supply + Five 5-1/4″ drive bays + Five 3-1/2″ drive bays (1 exposed) + Tool-less drive bays/expansion slots The Bad – No removable motherboard tray – Unclear documentation We have seen many variations in the external […]

Logisys CS888UV: Glowing Acrylic!

Introduction Quick Look Logisys CS888UV The Good + Side panel audio/USB + Four 5-1/4″ drive bays + Eight 3-1/2″ drive bays (2 exposed) + Four 80mm fans The Bad – Motherboard tray difficult to work with – Inefficient use of screws throughout case – Tedious use of screws to hold case together A few months […]

Close Encounters of the Small Kind

Walking Around in Circles If you look at history, things tend to go in cycles. The climate of the earth transitions between ice ages and global warming; political power ebbs and flows over the face of the world; fashions come and go, only to return again as something “new” and “exciting”. It should come as […]

Chenbro Gaming Bomb II: Anyone for Upscale Gaming?

Introduction We expected Chenbro to send us a sample of a case that lived up to the rest of their product line. We also expected Chenbro to introduce to us a mid-tower PC chassis that would include the features which we had seen in Chenbro’s other cases such as the Xpider II. Instead, Chenbro sent […]

Lian Li PC-60Plus

Introduction Lian Li is known for their full-featured and extremely toned down, yet stylish looking products. The first two cases that we had a chance to check out in the past year, the PC-6070 and the PC-V1000, amazed us with great performance as well as innovative features to help ease PC hardware maintenance. And since […]

Ahanix MCE601

Introduction It’s been a while since we’ve taken a close look at a home theater case, and after looking at one of Ahanix’s latest, we’d like to think that perhaps it was worth our wait. While we were quite pleased with the D-Vine 5 in our December 2004 HTPC roundup, we still encountered enough feature […]

Aspire X-QPack: A Lanparty Dream

Introduction Aspire seems to be a company that does not mind marching to the beat of a different drummer. We have seen more boldly themed cases from Aspire than just about any other case manufacturer out there. This is not a bad thing at all though, as many, such as the X-Navigator we reviewed last […]

Ahanix dBox: Standardizing LCD Case Controls

Intro Quick Look Ahanix dBox The Good + LCD control + Some thumbscrews + 120mm intake + 5.25” and 3.5” bay covers The Bad – Expensive – No Removable Tray – Design Flaws – Sharp edges Ahanix is not exactly a household name in the computer case market, yet.  An American based company, Ahanix has […]