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The Silverstone ST30SF ST45SF SFX Power Supply Review

With the vast selection of advanced ATX PSUs available today, PC users can easily pick one that perfectly suits their budget and needs. When shopping for an SFX PSU however, the options are very limited, as very few companies do market advanced high quality SFX PSUs. Even when the company has a few SFX units available, […]

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Eurocom Launches a 780 W External PSU for Laptops

The world is getting mobile and many things that used to come in full-tower desktop chassis are now available in mobile form-factors. For example, high-performance notebooks from companies like Eurocom, Clevo or MSI can easily leave mid-range mainstream desktops behind in terms of performance – and yet these are laptops (albeit, not very portable ones). […]

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The BitFenix Whisper M 450W 850W PSU Review

BitFenix is a comparatively new company that quickly became an established brand name via their PC case designs. Today BitFenix is still focused primarily on cases but the company is slowly diversifying, offering supplies for case mods, audio products, and power supply units (PSUs). Ever since the company’s founding in 2010, we reviewed several of […]

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The Riotoro Onyx Power Supply Review: 650W 750W Tested

Riotoro is a new player in the PC market, coming into business into 2015. The company was founded by ex-Corsair and ex-NVIDIA employees who possess the experience that is necessary for them to compete in today’s cutthroat markets. They are making slow, cautious moves towards new product releases, trying to maximize their revenue and, as a […]

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Deepcool Launches Captain EX RGB CPU Coolers with LED Lighting

Deepcool has announced its new lineup of CPU coolers featuring customizable RGB LED lighting. The new Captain EX RGB cooling systems offer the same cooling performance as the already available Captain EX products, but offer a new look that can be controlled by appropriate software shipped with motherboards from different manufacturers. The Deepcool Captain 120EX […]

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The Enermax Revolution SFX 650W PSU Review: Compact Capable

PC gaming parts are constantly getting more powerful, efficient, and affordable, which is making the PC platform a very serious rival of consoles when it comes to living room gaming. Especially since the release of the Pascal GPUs some months ago, which virtually enabled seamless 4K gaming with a single card, the number of users […]

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EKWB Releases New RGB Monoblock for MSI X299 Motherboards

This week, the Slovenian based liquid cooling manufacturer, EKWB (EK Water Blocks) released a new monoblock which is custom made for specific MSI X299 motherboards, and named the EK-FB MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon RGB Monoblock. MSI claims this solution provides up to 30% cooler VRM and CPU temperatures as measured at the back of the […]

Alternative Cooling at its Best

I remember flipping through an old computing magazine to find a monstrous case on the front cover with a headline depicting the world’s first 25MHz 386 months before Intel ever released the processor at 25MHz.  At the heart of this $10,000 "super system" was an Intel 386-20 running at 25MHz, how did the manufacturer manage […]

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Kryotech Renegade

There are those that will look at a painting, turn around, shrug and mutter "I could do that." And there are those that will marvel at a sculpture while thinking "that doesn’t seem hard at all." The common ground shared in both those examples is the fact that regardless of what one is capable of […]