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HyperMac’s external hard drive enclosure for iPad hands-on

HyperMac is known more for its power-extending solutions than its other peripherals, but this still-unannounced iPad external hard drive enclosure we spotted at the company’s booth is certainly interesting. Capable of accepting a standard 2.5-inch hard drive, the brushed metal box has two miniUSB ports around back — one to connect to your computer, and […]

Computer Peripherals
Western Digital Nomad case protects your My Passport drive from falls, spills, and curious lizards

It’s possible — likely, even — that you’re reading this while jumping out of a plane, wrestling a mountain lion, or having some equally hardcore adventure. If so, you’re just the type of active consumer Western Digital’s courting with its Nomad case. Designed for the My Passport external hard drive line, it combines a hard […]

Computer Peripherals
Buffalo adds super secure DriveStation Axis Velocity and rugged MiniStation Extreme USB 3.0 storage lineup

The MiniStation Extreme and DriveStation Axis Velocity aren’t exactly ground-breaking products, but they’re certainly nice additions to Buffalo’s lineup of USB 3.0-packing storage solutions. The Axis Velocity is a pretty standard external drive for a desktop, with platters inside it spinning at 7,200 RPM. What sets it apart from a good chunk of the crowd […]