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SteelSeries keeps its classy and new gaming headsets

Any gamer can benefit from a good headset, whether to stay in clear contact with their teammates during an intense raid or to keep the noise down while their spouse is asleep. But some cans are loud in a different way, boasting garish designs or cheap plastic builds that you might not feel comfortable wearing […]

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MSI GT780 GX rumored specs appear online

There’s no official word about this laptop, and if any of you are caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge. Still, you can’t stop a good rumor, which is why details have emerged about a supercharged edition of MSI’s GT780DX that dials the original hardware up to 11. The GTI 780GX has a […]

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MSI GT70 gaming laptop review

MSI outs new GT60 / GT70 gaming laptops, we go hands-on (video) Everything old is new again: NVIDIA rebrands Fermi-based GPUs into 600-series Intel puts Ivy Bridge on the map: promises up to 20 percent faster CPU, doubled graphics, desktop quad-cores from $174 Now that Intel’s let the cat out of the bag (and into […]

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Which gaming mice are worth buying?

The peripherals you play with can be just as important to your gaming success as actual skill. A suboptimal keyboard or sluggish mouse can open the door to defeat, which is why it’s a good idea to pick up equipment specifically made for the job. But like a lot of specialized tools, gaming mice don’t […]

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SteelSeries to unveil line of gaming headsets at E3 2013

Gaming accessory maker SteelSeries has a tradition of showcasing new products during conventions, and the firm will uphold it by unveiling the H-Series headset line at E3 2013. First in the series is the “tournament-grade” 9H headset with Dolby technology, a USB soundcard, and padded ear cushions that feature sound isolation technology. Next is the […]

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MSI launches GP laptops for business-gamer types

We get it. By day, you’re zooming between meetings with your tie done up to 11, but your evenings? That’s when you get some serious fragging done. Always eager to help, MSI is launching the GP series, which tucks a SteelSeries gaming keyboard and some serious hardware beneath an austere chassis. Users have a choice […]