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Wipeout Omega Collection Review

Price: £25Developer: Sony XDev Europe / EPOS Game Studios / Clever BeansPublisher: Sony Interactive EntertainmentPlatform(s): PlayStation 4Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 ProWipeout first emerged onto the original PlayStation in 1995 to show what the machine was capable of, a bold vision of the future. Two decades later, despite the fact we’re actually living in the future […]

PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.50 blamed for Error NW-31297-2 Wi-Fi bug

Sony has confirmed it is investigating reports that its most recent firmware update for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, which added a wealth of new features including support for enhancing existing games when running on the more powerful PS4 Pro, has all-bit crippled their Wi-Fi capabilities. The PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.50 update, […]

AMD launches standalone Wraith Max RGB cooler

AMD has confirmed that it is getting into the cooling market, launching its Wraith CPU heatsink and fan assembly as a standalone product. AMD’s Wraith heatsink and fan (HSF) was first unveiled back in January 2016 with the promise of a significant noise reduction for high-power processors compared to the traditional stock cooler design on […]

Apple telegraphs virtual reality plans

Apple appears to be mulling an entry into the burgeoning virtual reality market, hiring specialist researcher Doug Bowman as a number of commercial implementations of VR technology prepare to launch. Virtual reality isn’t a new concept, but it’s one whose time may finally have come. The cumbersome shutter glasses and blurry, low-resolution head-mounted displays of […]

Sony patents a modern PowerGlove

Sony has patented a gesture-recognising virtual reality controller capable of recognising hand position and individual finger movements – and even whether or not the person is grasping a real-world object, and if so how tightly. First spotted by a member of the NeoGaf forum, Sony’s patent applications detail what the company describes as a ‘glove […]

Japan’s tech industry disrupted by earthquakes

A pair of major earthquakes in south-west Japan are likely to have a knock-on effect for the electronics industry, with companies including Sony and Mitsubishi confirming that they are temporarily closing facilities in the area. Late last week, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit the area around Kumamoto prefecture in south-western Japan and was followed over the […]

Sony drops last-generation PlayStation Now support

Sony has announced that it is pulling support for its PlayStation Now cloud-powered game streaming service from all previous-generation devices, leaving it a PlayStation 4 and Windows PC exclusive. Announced back in 2014, PlayStation Now was born of Sony’s acquisition of game streaming pioneer Gaikai and used the company’s technology to two ends: to boost […]

Sony announces Xperia Touch interactive projector

Sony has unveiled an Android-powered, standalone projector with a difference: It turns any table into a touch-sensitive interactive display courtesy of an infra-red finger-tracking sensor. The ability to project an image and track interaction isn’t new: Microsoft has toyed with various projects, including RoomAlive in 2014, which combine Kinect camera technology with off-the-shelf projectors to […]

Foxconn announces £7.67 billion Wisconsin factory plan

Taiwanese technology giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., better known as Foxconn Technology, has announced that it is to build a £7.67 billion display panel factory in the US state of Wisconsin, its biggest ever investment in the region. Founded by Terry Gou in 1974 as an electrical connector manufacturer and having found success as […]

Toshiba announces TR200 BiCS3 TLC SSDs

Toshiba has announced the impending launch of its first own-brand solid-state drives (SSDs) based around its triple-level cell (TLC) BiCS3 NAND flash technology, promising up to 550MB/s throughput and capacities up to 960GB. The precursor to the 96-layer BiCS4 implementation recently announced in partnership with Western Digital’s SanDisk subsidiary, the BiCS3 technology sees 64 layers […]