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Kingston’s First NVMe SSD, The KC1000

Kingston has reintroduced the KC1000 NVMe SSD. We first saw the drive in January at CES, but the company wanted to hold the details until the official launch. Seemingly, that is in the very near future–mid June. The KC series has historically targeted system builders and corporations upgrading systems en masse. Kingston released several client […]

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Kingston Boosts HyperX Predator DDR4 Frequencies And Capacities

Kingston announced the expansion of its HyperX Predator-branded DDR4 memory offerings with high density kits running up to 4,000MHz. The new HyperX Predator DDR4 consist of 8 and 16GB single modules capacities as well as kits up to 128GB offering speeds between 2,400 and 4,000MHz, with CAS latencies ranging from 12 to 19 running at […]

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Kingston memory

Hyper-V virtualization enables efficient use of the vast amounts of memory on today’s systems. Windows Server 2012 supports up to 4 TB of memory. Yet few applications can use that much memory. Virtualized systems use this memory, and many other aspects of the hardware, more efficiently. Hyper-V is the native virtualization offering in Windows Server […]

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Kingston introduces 100X CompactFlash cards

Kingston has announced the release of their “Ultimate” line of CompactFlash cards. These cards come in one, two and four Gigabyte sizes and have a 100X speed rating. Kingston says that this equates to about 18 MegaBytes per second read speed and 15 MegaBytes per second write speed. Fast memory cards are highly valued by […]

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Kingston, OCZ launch new gaming memory

Kingston today announced two new gaming memory models in its Hyperx series. The new modules, DDR2 1000 MHz (PC2-8000) and DDR2 1066 MHz (PC2-8500), offer 5-5-5-15-1 and run in a 2.2 volt mode. Pricing ranges from $142 for the 512 MB versions of the modules to $275 for a 1 GB PC-8000 version and $284 […]

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Kingston packs data recovery software on Compact Flash cards

Kingston today said that will be upgrading its “ultimate” line of Compact Flash (CF) cards by preloading Ontrack’s Easy Recovery Professional software 6.1 onto the devices. The application is designed to assist users to recover accidentally deleted or damaged files. According to Kingston, the cards have been accelerated by 33% and now offer a write […]

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Kingston Said To Be Cutting Prices For NAND Flash Applications

US-based memory module maker Kingston Technology, having reserved large capacity of NAND flash from Samsung Electronics, has launched a pricing campaign trying to boost its share in the memory card market, according to industry sources. Kingston has lowered prices 10-20% for its memory card and flash drives in many regions, the sources said. More here […]

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Kingston Shows Off Heat-pipe Skulltrail Memory

  Taipei (Taiwan) – Everyone knows that memory modules inside a computer can get hot, but the FB-DIMM modules in a Skulltrail box are a different story. These suckers get so hot that they can almost melt the skin of your fingers and up until now your only solution was to aim a big fan […]

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Kingston’s DDR3 for Gaming Notebooks

Kingston has announced new low-latency HyperX DDR3 memory modules for performance notebooks. Appealing to the growing number of enthusiasts in the notebook market, Kingston has released new HyperX DDR3 notebook memory, which the company claims to be the first of its kind to offer ultra-low-latencies. With notebooks now shipping with external graphics cards and overtaking […]