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Samsung squeezed a smart home hub into a WiFi router

Chris Velazco/Engadget Samsung isn’t content with simply unveiling the Galaxy S8 today. In addition to its latest flagship phone, the company is also showing off a new Gear 360 camera, a desktop dock and, interestingly enough, a router. The Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System is a mouthful of a name, but the device itself may […]

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Netgear WiFi routers are vulnerable to more security exploits

Netgear’s WiFi router security woes aren’t quite over yet. Researchers at Trustwave are drawing attention to two vulnerabilities that lets anyone recover your router’s administrative password, opening the door to botnets and other hostile takeovers. You’re only susceptible to internet attacks if you’ve enabled administration from outside the network, but anyone who can connect to […]

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Google’s next smart speaker may double as a WiFi router

Engadget If you’re Google and you want the next Home speaker to clearly one-up the Amazon Echo, what do you do? Stick another device inside, apparently. A source speaking to the Information claims that an upcoming Home model will include a built-in WiFi router with mesh networking. You wouldn’t need to buy a separate router […]

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ASUS blew a hole in its newest wireless router

Chris Velazco / Aol. Wireless routers have for years taken the form of ugly black rectangles that we’ve habitually tried to bury behind our TVs and bookshelves. ASUS is hoping that you’ll think differently about the Blue Cave, its new WiFi router that looks like an electric pencil sharpener on human growth hormone. The device […]