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Your car’s parts could one day be made by a 3D printer

 A small, family-run business has come up with a metal printer that it thinks will transform manufacturing. The MK1 metal printer works by melting aluminum into a molten form, and then using a magnetic field to eject droplets of the substance onto a moving plate, which maneuvers around to create the desired 3D shape. That […]

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When life gives you a 3D printer, make a house

Russia now has its very first 3D-printed house. The ‘construction’ process only took about 24 hours and came in around $10,000.  The structure is only 38 square meters (about 400 square feet) and includes a kitchen, living room and bathroom. On its website, Apis Cor claims that this is the first house to be printed […]

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Staples is selling a color laser printer for $75

Printers aren’t the most exciting technology out there, but they’re like toothbrushes: Everybody needs one, even in 2017. And until Saturday—or supplies sell out—you can get a great deal on a Dell C17690nw color laser printer at Staples, which is offering it for $75. That’s a much better price than you’ll find elsewhere, as Dell […]

37% off DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer – Deal Alert

The LabelWriter 450 Turbo rapidly handles all of your labelling and filing needs and nimbly prints postage. Printing 4-line address labels at an impressive 71 labels per minute, the LabelWriter 450 Turbo label printer saves you a lot of time. It connects directly to your PC or Mac, making it easy to print customized graphics, […]

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A hacker decided to prove the point and forced thousands of publicly exposed printers to spew out rogue messages

Following recent research that showed that many printer models are vulnerable to attacks, a hacker decided to prove the point and forced thousands of publicly exposed printers to spew out rogue messages. The hacker, who uses the online alias Stackoverflowin, later said that the botnet claim was not true and that his efforts served only […]

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Brother Printers Are Now Ordering Their Own Ink and Toner

Brother has announced that a series of printers, currently available, are enabled with Amazon Dash Replacement and can now order their own supplies when needed. Amazon’s Dash Replacement Service (DRS) is a technology which allows connected devices to physically place orders with Amazon. This can be accomplished in either of two ways: Manufacturers include a […]