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Computer Cases
Review: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 Chassis

Introduction Corsair recently updated their budget case lineup with the new Carbide SPEC-04, the successor to the Carbide SPEC-03. The Carbide SPEC-04 brings an overhauled design and some extra features yet maintain its budget price point.For our review today, we received the Corsair Carbide SPEC-04 in black however, it will also come in red and […]

Computer Cases
SilverStone Grandia GD08 HTPC Case Review

Nothing Quite Like It… Home theater PCs have always been a popular niche PC and it’s not difficult to understand the appeal of having one. Imagine a typical AV stack these days. You’ve got your AV receiver, you’ve got your DVD/Blu-Ray player, you’ve got your cable/satellite box, maybe a separate PVR unit, a game console […]

Computer Cases
Raidmax Agusta Case Review

Designed by Earth Federation Forces Most computer cases these days follow a fairly standard formula. They are often rectangular in shape with the interior housing the the power supply mount at the bottom, the motherboard tray in the center, and the tower of drive bays to the right side. Some cases deviates from this style a […]

Computer Cases
CM Storm Stryker Case Review

CM Storm Trooper in White Truth be told, when I first laid eyes the CM Storm Trooper last year, I wasn’t quite sold. Not because it wasn’t a good case, no, on the contrary, it was a great case; possibly among the best Cooler Master has ever made. But, compared to some of the other […]

Computer Cases
SilverStone Redline RL01 Review

SilverStone’s Entry Level Enthusiast/Gaming PC Case Similar to Lian Li, SilverStone typically specializes in conservative, but functional high-end cases.  However, with SilverStone’s Redline series cases, SilverStone is taking a step out of their conservative case design philosophy and giving the cases a more modern, gamer-centric appeal.  With a glowing logo and HDD activity lights as […]

Computer Cases
CM Storm Scout 2 Review

Second Generation Scout When Cooler Master first introduced the CM Storm Scout, it quickly became one of my most highly recommended cases. Despite the case being oriented as a budget gamer case, it had been packed with tons of features which made it one of the best price to performance cases out there. While the […]

Computer Cases
Cooler Master HAF 912

Looking to build a new gaming PC and need the best gaming PC case out there? Fan noise keeping you up all night? Looking for the best silent PC case? Well, you’re in luck! Here we sort through the thousands and thousands of computer cases on the market to give you some of our top […]