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The Google I/O 2017 Keynote Live Blog

12:51PM EDT – Taking place today is Google’s annual I/O developer conference. Starting things off as always is the keynote, where we should receive updates on several Google technologies, initiaitves, and other Google-centric projects 12:51PM EDT – Android O will obviously be a big focus 12:52PM EDT – Android Wear and Android TV are also […]

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Google I/O 2017: New AR/VR Experiences

Today at its annual developer conference, Google made several announcements about what augmented and virtual reality projects it and its partners have been working on. Google just launched its Daydream VR platform 6 months ago, but already there are over 150 VR apps on Google Play and a small selection of Daydream phones, including the […]

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Google Fined €2.42B by European Commission for Antitrust Violations

This morning Google has become a new record holder in the European Union; unfortunately however it’s not a good record to hold. Capping off a multi-year investigation, the European Commission – the EU’s executive body – has ruled that Google has violated the EU’s antitrust laws with the company’s shopping service and how it is […]

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The Review Of The Google Pixel XL

The Nexus brand has been around for nearly seven years now. As technology matured, the Nexus phones demonstrated consistent improvement from one generation to the next; however, the brand’s inconsistency resulted in a series of seemingly one-off devices rather than a cohesive family. Screen size steadily increased from the original Nexus One’s 3.7-inches to 5.96-inches […]

The 2010 Google I/O Developer Conference Roundup

The recently concluded 2010 Google I/O Developer Conference saw three important developments from a consumer perspective, namely, the introduction of Android 2.2 (Froyo), announcement of the WebM initiative and finally, Google TV. First off, we will discuss the controversial WebM / VP8 project, and then talk about Google TV. One of the most talked about […]

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility

Google has just announced that they will acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (or more commonly known as just Motorola). Google will be paying $40 per share, which means a total of about $12.5 billion. That is 63% more than what was Motorola's closing price on Friday, August 12.  Motorola has been selling Android phones since […]

Google Fiber Goes Live Near Stanford

Google announced last October that they would be beta testing their Google Fiber initiative in a small residential neighborhood affiliated with Stanford University, and one lucky Redditor posted the results. The service is being provided free to the faculty and staff of Stanford that live just off campus and the speeds are mostly unheard of […]

Schmidt Says Ice Cream Sandwich To Arrive October/November

Last Thursday, Eric Schmidt sat down for a keynote interview at Dreamforce '11,'s cloud computing conference held in San Francisco. The keynote covered a lot of history, several patent issues, the Motorola acquisition and some broad stroke descriptions for what we can expect from Google in the future. One thing slipped through earlier coverage, […]